News Release

September 18, 2017

Groups Representing over 4 million Canadians Launch Coalition Supporting Government Action on Tax Fairness

Organizations from different sectors across the country representing over 4 million Canadians have come together to form the new Canadian Coalition for Tax Fairness — in support of the federal government’s efforts to close unfair tax loopholes that allow some wealthy Canadians to reduce their taxes using private corporations. The group issued a joint statement today. Membership is open and the coalition is growing fast.  

According to the group’s statement, the research clearly shows that the wealthy are far more likely than middle or low income Canadians to own a private corporation, and are far more likely to take advantage of these tax loopholes.

"We represent Canadians concerned that high levels of inequality are dragging down our economic growth and well-being.” says spokesperson Diana Sarosi from Oxfam Canada, “Women are particularly impacted by the lack of funding for universal programs like child care.”  She adds: “Closing these private corporation tax loopholes is a positive and important step, but it falls short of a full tax fairness strategy.”

“This is a critical issue for all Canadians.” says spokesperson Dennis Howlett from Canadians for Tax Fairness, “Unfair tax loopholes exacerbate inequality, undermine the integrity of our tax system and limit the ability of government to fund the social and physical infrastructure we need to ensure a healthy and fair economy.”