News Release

 October 3, 2017

Canadian Teachers join Coalition in Support of Tax Fairness as membership continues to grow.

Organizations from different sectors across the country continue to join the coalition – swelling the numbers by hundreds of thousands more Canadians –  in support of the federal government’s efforts to close unfair tax loopholes that allow some wealthy Canadians to reduce their taxes using private corporations.

"We represent over 232,000 teachers who see the impacts of poverty and inequality in the classroom all the time." says Canadian Teachers' Federation President, H. Mark Ramsankar, "The government needs to ensure those with privilege are paying their share, or education and poverty programs will continue to struggle without the resources needed and our whole society will suffer."

“Children are one quarter of 4.8 million Canadians living in poverty,” adds Anita Khanna, National Coordinator of Campaign 2000, “Children living in poverty must have the first call on government resources. These tax changes can raise revenue to level the playing field for children going hungry, staying in shelters and falling behind their peers.”

The Association of Financial Officers (ACFO) has also endorsed the Coalition. "Our members are proud to deliver quality public services to Canadians," said Dany Richard, ACFO President. "These services depend on everyone paying their fair share. Closing loopholes is an important step towards delivering on the tax fairness Canadians overwhelmingly support."

New members representing over a million Canadians include:

  • Association of Canadian Financial Officers
  • BC Federation of Labour
  • Campaign 2000
  • Canadian Teachers Federation
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees
  • Friends of Medicare
  • Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC)
  • Inter Pares
  • Lead Now
  • National Union of Public and General Employees
  • Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness
  • Oxfam Quebec
  • UNITE-HERE! Canada

Watch for updates on our website at:


  • Francine Filion, Director, Communications, CTF:  613-688-4314
  • Anita Khanna, National Coordinator, Campaign 2000: 416-788-3439
  • Jou Boughner, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, ACFO: 613-276-2996

Campaign 2000 is a non-partisan, cross-Canada network of 120 national, provincial and community partner organizations committed to working to end child and family poverty.

The Association of Financial Officers is North America’s largest union exclusively representing accountants, comptrollers, auditors and financial professionals.